Our world needs more Mom CEOs and world leaders. FACT.

I was a dreamer-preneur for 31 years. It took me having my first baby to finally realize I was ready to take the plunge into startup world and become the creator and leader I always dreamt I could be. It is not an easy road by any means. In fact it is incredibly overwhelming, challenging and at times even a lonely road but let’s be honest, if you are a mother you are already accustomed to this life.

Our fore-mother, Mother Earth, is calling out to us and I am calling out to you, fellow yummy mummies stand up and take charge. Go for the CEO role. Get involved in politics. Lead businesses and our world to excellence. You ARE qualified. And in case you have any doubts or reservations, this is why…

  1. Creating disruptive things and building a better future is a profound part of your WHY.

If I had a penny for every time I heard the buzz word ‘disruptive’, I’d be rolling in it. The business world is hungry for all things disruptive. Fortunately, as a mum you will be intimately familiar with creating a disruptive little human and your life values evolve in such a profound way that everything you do A.B. (after baby) becomes deeply interconnected to your legacy. Moms constantly assess the world and think about how we can make it a better place for our children, grandchildren and future generations. This constant assessment, reflection and challenge of mainstream or status quo is what makes moms brilliant innovators and business leaders.

  1. You already worked for the world’s most demanding boss and you know the type of realistic, emotionally aware, conscious leader that you want to be.

Have you ever had one of those lunatic bosses that sets the most unrealistic targets, screams in your face when you’re not doing what he/she wants, expects you to work late and come in very early, takes everything of yours and pawns it off as his/her own and never gives you a pay rise? In fact, he/she expects you to do it all for free. It’s called Motherhood. Once you spend time working for your child, going back to the business world can be a very glamorous thing. Mothers make some of the best leaders because they are resilient, savvy, determined, patient, sensitive and emotionally aware.

  1. You know that EGO gets you nowhere and SURRENDER gets you very far.

There is way too much ego running the world. It is fueling a tidal wave of hatred and terror. It scares me. Beyond the political and religious battles underpinned by ego, there is a serious problem in the big boys club of business as well. People are so unhappy at work these days. It’s a shame that we spend the majority of our lives working so hard for leaders that do not inspire us. I have the answer and it is so simple, we are almost blind to it. The answer: More women and most importantly mothers in leadership positions. Moms learn very early on the art of surrender. In the midst of surrender, we are thankful for vulnerability because it enables growth. We have the ability to foster a fulfilling, accepting and thriving culture for businesses and the world.

  1. You know that COACHING is a better management technique than COMMANDING.

I have a nearly 3 year old and 8 month old. Do you think they listen when I tell them what to do or how to do something?? Hahah. No way. Queue → surrender. No, they don’t listen to me, they learn by watching me, by me helping them practice, by me coaching them. Mamas everywhere, you are amazing coaches and you need to put this skill to use in the workplace. Anyone, male or female, who utilises a coaching over commanding management style in business is going to win the loyalty of team members and achieve greater team engagement and performance as well.

  1. You know what it means to care more about team success than your own agenda.

Moms are selfless and know that it takes a village. Ok, yes this statement is a generalization. However, every mother I know personally this holds true. So for the world as I know it, this statement is fact. Over the years I progressed quickly in my career by mastering a skill I’m not really proud of. I could recognise and play into the agendas of my managers and C-suite…like putty in my hands.

Imagine working for someone who has no ulterior motive or hidden agenda, someone who cares for you unconditionally and whose sole purpose is to help you achieve the greatest version of yourself. A little like working for your mom, hey?? A safe place that fosters a culture of less fear, more living outside the comfort zone, greater productivity and truly contented teams.

  1. You are exceptional at managing numerous work streams to maximum efficiency.

Ahhhhhh, I have no idea what I did with all of my time B.B. (before baby). Moms take efficiency to a whole new level. We have the capacity to feed a human directly from our body, while making dinner, while on a sales call, while responding to work emails, while managing 20 people, while taking on that additional project that was thrown at us because someone just resigned, while starting a business on the side, while……it is never-ending. And we can do it all, because we don’t have time for 1 hr coffee catch ups and we don’t come in hungover. Becoming a mother is an unveiling of superhero powers and we do it all, because we can.

  1. You are a pro negotiator.

If you weren’t a good negotiator B.B. you will be A.B., because practice makes perfect and moms sure as hell get a lot of practice negotiating with the little minions. Moms develop expertise in closing deals. They master the “what’s in it for you” part and if all else fails they pull out the “guilt trip” card. Maybe the guilt trip card should only be used for at home manipulation, but it is a tool in the shed. Moms know how to bring parties together, to facilitate meaningful connections and to close on mutually beneficial agreements that can redefine business and the world as we know it.

Mums, Moms, Mothers, Mamas, Mummabears. We are the greatest disruptive innovation this world has ever seen and we’ve been here all along.

What are you going to do with your super powers?


Take care & stay savvy!




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